Zincchil and Ferrochil

Zincchil and Ferrochil

Chelated Straight Nutrients of Zinc and Ferrous

Zinc chil (ZnEDTA-12%) and Ferro chil (FeEDTA-12%) Chelated nutrients are mainly used when the nutrient deficiencies in plants are of very acute nature. Being in Chelated form these nutrients can easily be absorbed by the plant thus fulfilling their need.

CHELATION Means Neutralization of positive (+) ions of Zn+ and Fe+ by reacting with negative  (-) ions of chemical such as EDTA by a controlled chemical reaction. Being neutral in nature, these Chelated nutrients can easily be absorbed by the plants thereby overcoming their deficiencies. They can also be given through Drip Fertigation.

Dosage: 1g per Litre water