N-Grow Granules

The Power of Plant

Contents: Microbial Fermented Extract, Seaweed Extract, Humic acid, Amino acids, Myo - inositol plant growth promoter and Vitamins.

Vira is a researched organic Granular formulation based on Zeolite which contains Microbial fermented extract, Humic acid, Seaweed Extract, Myo -inositol plant growth promoter, Amino acids and Vitamins.
Vira slowly release above ingredients in soil for complete and healthy plant growth.
Vira contain microbial fermented extract which acts as a soil probiotic. It helps to increase microbial flora in soil which contribute decomposition and make soil more fertile. It also causes disease suppression and increase the water and nutrient uptake.
Vira gives balanced nutritional supplement to plant and increases immunity, energy and plant life.

Time of Application:
1st Dose :- With basal fertilizer dose.
2nd Dose :- At 20 - 25 days after transplantation.
3rd Dose :- At flowering and fruit setting stage.

Note :- It can be mixed and broadcast with any other inorganic and organic fertilizers.

Dosage: 4 kg per Acre (8 kg per Hectare)