G.A Dipping Media (Grape Special)

Contents : Gibberellins Catalyst, Amino Acid Complex, Herbal Extract

Trio is Gibberellins dipping media. It is added to the water in which G.A. stock solution is mixed.
Trio maximizes G.A. efficiency to get elongation of bunch steam. It also makes sub branching of bunch. This improves bunch shape & size.

Use of Trio in all three G. A. dipping results in automatic berry thinning elongation & imparts luster on each berry. 
How to prepare TRIO Dipping Media Solution : Add 5 ml Trio to 1 liter of water to make 1 liter Trio dipping media solution for G.A. application. To this add G.A. Stock solution.
Trio Dipping Media for auto thinning of grape berries

Dosage - 5ml per litre water.