Swazyme Granules

Swazyme Granules

Sea weed based plant growth promoter

Contents : Natural Seaweed Extract, Bentonite Granules 

Swazyme Granules is an innovative sea weed based product. It is used on variety of crops. Its use make available various micro and macro nutrients to the plants which gives vegetative as well as reproductive growth to plant. Its application enhances the crop quality and yields. It also protects plants from stress conditions such as drought, temperature & varied temperature condition.

Natural Bio-organic Fertilizer for vigorous & healthy plant growth. Swazyme is innovative Biofertilier. Its constituents are so chosen that it can be used during both vegetative & reproductive stages of the plant. It makes the plant cell stronger, stimulates cell division, increase chlorophyll content & also increase number of flower & fruit of the plant. It's usage gives a healthy, attractive and quality produce which has a longer shelf life.
Swazyme Granules - Sea weed based Granules for overall growth

Time of Application :
1st Dose : At the time of sowing / germination with first fertilizer dose.
2nd Dose : At the time of flowering or with second fertilizer dose.

Dosage - 20 kg per Hectare