Organic Fruit Ripener and Brix Level Builder

Contents: Carboxylic Acid, Emusifiers and Inerts.

Uniform harvest of succulent fruit with high Brix level along with attractive colour to the fruits.

Rasrang through it's unique constituents increase the Carbohydrates in the plant body. Because of high carbohydrate level the sugar percentage increases. As a result the weight of the fruit increases. Thus Rasrang imparts natural attractive color as well as shape to the fruit. It is also reduces the TDS and fibrous matter in the fruit. While application it's spray must cover the total crop canopy including foliage, fruit and tender branches. It should be sprayed 35 - 40 days prior fruit harvest.

Time of Application:
1st spray : 35 - 40 days prior to fruit harvest.
2nd spray : Repeat after 8 - 10 days of first spray.

Dosage : 5ml per litre water