Contents :- Enzymes, Proteins, Vitamins, kelp and Betains.

Prolific is a specially formulated and researched product to increase size, weight and yield of pomegranate.
Prolific contains and endogenous hormone and Amino Acids which most active and efficient.   
stimulates inherent potential of plant increases photosynthesis and promote plant growth of pomegranate.
Prolific also activates root growth, root increase and grow deeper into the soil.
Prolific promote the differentiation and formation of flower bud and hence increases number of pomegranate, fruits and yield.
Prolific makes plant more robust. Prevents flower and fruit dropping in pomegranate plant.
Prolific enlarges pomegranate size rapidly color fruits earlier improve appearance and shape of fruits.

Time of Application :
1st spray : At the time of fruit setting.
2nd spray : When the fruits are of lemon size.
3rd spray : 30 days before harvesting.

Dosage : Mix 2 ml Prolific per Litre water & spray.