Potasil Granules

Potasil Granules

Potash & Silica Uptake from Soil for growth and protection

Contents: Ocimum Sanctum, Cynadon Dactylon, Bentonite Granules

Potasil is a mixture of herbal extracts acting as Potash and silica absorbent in granular form. These herbal constituents improve soil structure and also prevents it from harmful chemicals. It stabilizes organic carbon. Due to which number of white roots are increased as well as protected. Herbal Potash absorbent gives complete growth of plant and also improves sugar content, colour and weight while herbal silica absorbent makes plant strong. Leaves become thicker and hence resist the insect bites as well as fungus attack. Potasil thus gives complete growth as well as protection to plants and thus increases yield.

25 Kg per acre by soil application only.

Method of Application :
1 st dose : At flowering stage
2 nd dose : At fruit setting stage. (15 - 20 days after 1 st dose)