N-Grow (Liquid)

N-Grow (Liquid)

Atmospheric 'NITROGEN' Absorbent

Contents : Different Herbal Extracts as activators: Adhatoda Vasaaka, Crotolaria, Wetting Agent, Aqua Solvent.

N - Grow is complete Organic & Biologically activated herbal liquid formulation. N - Grow absorbs Nitrogen present in atmosphere which amount to 70-80%.

N - Grow has to be spread on plants covering complete foliage. This Nitrogen is used by plants to produce natural Amino Acids in plant body. Due to formation of amino acids, there is visible vegetative growth of plants. This can reduce the need of Chemical Nitrogen. Absorbed Nitrogen being in pure and natural form did not form watery tissues in plants which avoids infestation of insects and pests.

Time of Application:
1st Spray - 15-20 days after transplantation / germination.
2nd Spray - at flowering or fruit setting stage (20 days after 1st spray)
3rd Spray - as per requirement.

Dosage :- 2 ml per liter water.