N-Grow Granules

N-Grow Granules

Atmospheric & Soil 'Nitrogen' Uptake

Contents : Achyrathus Aspera, Crotolaria & Bentonite Granules.

N-Grow Granules is unique Herbal formulation for Uptake of Nitrogen. It reduces the dosage of Nitrogenous fertilizer by absorbing Nitrogen from atmosphere & from Soil through leaves & roots respectively. This avoid formation of watery tissues & hence pest attack is reduced considerably. N-Grow helps in Improving Soil structure by keeping soil in good condition with less leaching & erosion.

Time of Application:
1st  Dose: Along with NPK fertilizers
2nd  Dose: 25 - 30 days after 1st dose.
3rd  Dose: As per requirement.

Dosage : 2 kg per Acre