Mealy Bug Control by a herbal knockdown formulation

Contents : Different Herbal Extract acting as Herbal Insecticides Ledum (Marsh Tea Extract), Embelia Aribes (Biranga), Vernonia Anthelminitica, Aqua Solution.

Milikil is highly concentrated organic researched formulation for effective control of Mealy Bugs on Grapes, Pomegranates, Custard Apple & Vegetables etc. . It's application is residue free & leaves no spots behind. It's constituents dissolve the Waxy coating on Mealy Bugs body & penetrate in to body and thus killing them. This penetration is not possible with common Insecticides/Pesticides.

Dosage - 1 ml Milikil per litre water

Preventive spray : Spray Milikil covering entire plant body as soon as Mealy Bugs are spotted & repeat spray after 6 – 7 days.
Curative spray : Spray infected plant & repeat after 2 - 3 days.
Note: Do not mix any other pesticide with Milikil spray except Swaroop's I - Soap (Herbal insecticide soap) 2 ml per litre water for increasing efficiency of Milikil.