Max linea Banana Special

Max linea Banana Special

For Elongated & Lustrous Banana Fruit

Contents :- Amino acids, Natural Enzymes, Vitamins, Additives & Diluents.

Max linea is a next generation plant growth promoting formulation. Its usage is especially helpful for elongation of Banana fruit (finger) and also imports shining and attractive colour to the fingers.
It also prevents finger drop, increases diameter of finger and increases fruit quality.

Time of application :-
1st spray :- After the formation of Large hanging cluster (bunch) which is made up of tiers.
2nd spray :- Spray on bunch after 20 - 22 days of first spray.

Dosage :- Use 2 ml Max Linea per liter of water.
Note : Use Max Linea Banana with Swa - Urja to increase the length of Banana fingers as well as bunch.