Humirod is Potassium salt of Humic acid from high grade Leonardite, with high load capacity, it has the function of ion exchange, absorbing, chelating, complexing and flocculating. It is a high quality plant stimulant and soil conditionar. 

  • Humirod aid root growth and over all plant growth. It’s rich in both organic and mineral substances essential for plant growth
  • Humirod enhances the photosynthesis, increase the yield and improve the crop’s quality.
  • Humirod promote drought and disease resistance of crops.
  • Humirod increase the soil fertility and optimize its structure, enhance the utilization of other nutrient fertilizer.
  • Humirod increase water holding capacity reduces soil erosion.
  • Humirod is non toxic, environment friendly.

Method of application:

  • Soil application (Recommended):
  • Apply directly 2-4 kg/ha (1-2kg/acre) per time, 2-3 times during seedling stage and growth stage.
  •  Mix with NPK fertilizers, DAP, Urea, Compost etc. and apply in soil.
  • When applied with Urea, add 1 kg Humirod in 15 kg Urea for better effect.
  • Foliar Application ( Use the solution after fully dissolved in water ):

Use 500 g - 1 kg / 1000 litre water and use for drenching / spray during seedling stage and growth stage as per crop.

Dosage : Apply 2 - 4 Kg/ha for soil application & 500 gm - 1 Kg for foliar spray.