Humic Acid and Sea Weed Extract in Gel form

Contents : Humic Acid, Sea Weed Extract and Minerals.

Humigel is an unique product in gel form containing Humic Acid & Sea weed Extract & Minerals.  
Benefits :
Humigel improves the uptake & translocation of Micro & Macro nutrients which increases quality of crop & yield.
Humigel accelerates germination, seeding vigour & growth of roots to a large extent.
Humigel Helps plants to resist drought conditions & make them strong.
Humigel improves the soil structure & fertility. It also makes soil aerated.

Precaution to be taken : Before usage, dissolve Humigel in 5 - 10 litre water separately. Then use above solution as per required dilution.

Dosage : For spray :- Use 2.5 gm per litre water.
For Drip irrigation :- Use 1 - 1.5 Kg per Acre.
For Drenching :- Use 5 gm per litre water.