A Non Poisonous, Natural Product Useful For Organic Farming

Contents : A combination of Humic Acid along with vital Amino Acid & Adjuvents.

Root Development and overall vigorous grow Humacid is a concentrated liquid from of 'humus' the heart of every organic matter. The uptake & translocation of micro elements as well as auxin, amino acids, organic phosphorous is improved by the presence of humus (i.e. Humic acid) in the soil. It also accelerates the germination, seedling vigour, of roots to a large extent, Vigorous root growth improves the soil texture & condition and makes them strong, healthy and resistant to diseases. Being a natural product it enhances the activities of natural elements present in the soil. e.g. useful micro organisms, earthworm etc. 
Humacid - Humus ( Humic Acid ) Rich Organic Manure with sea weed extract

Usage: For Foliar spray : mix 1 - 2 ml Humacid per litre of water during height growth and reproductive stages of plant.
For Drip and Sprinkler irrigation : mix 1 litre Humacid in sufficient quantum of water for one acre.
For seedling / root dipping : mix 2 ml Humacid per litre water.
For seed treatment : mix 5 - 10 ml Humacid per Kg of seeds in sufficient quantum of water. 

Dosage - 2 ml per litre water