G5 Liquid Drip special

G5 Liquid Drip special

An Unique Bio-Organic Liquid Extract

Contents: Seaweed extract, amino Acids, herbal extract, and Humic acid and anti root rot substances.

G 5 Liquid Drip special is an innovative concept in drip fertigation. It is Our Patented composition already used in Bentonite granules in our Product G 5 Granules.

G 5 Liquid Drip special contains 5 essential constituents required for growth as well as protection of crop. It also helps in cleaning of drip pipes and drippers due to presence of spreader.
Since Five different constituents are available in liquid form they are easily absorbed by the plants.

Method of Application : Mix desired quantity of G 5 Liquid Drip special is small quantity of water & stir well. Add this solution to sufficient quantity of water to achieve required volume.

Dosage : 1 - 2 litre G 5 Liquid Drip special per Acre.