G5 Granules

G5 Granules

Contents : Sea weed extract, Amino acids, Humic acid, Herbal extract and Anti root rot substances.

G 5 is an unique patented granular formulation for plant growth as well as for effective preventive measures against pests and fungi.    

G 5 contains five different constituents :
Due to sea weed extract based product there is overall growth of crops due to plant cell division.
Due to blend of vital amino acids, there is healthy and vigorous growth with increased number of flowers and fruits.
Due to Humic acid, there is profuse growth of white roots. Presence of Humic acid in soil helps easy observation of nutrients present in soil by converting them in respective humate form.

Due to Herbal Extract, plants are protected from sucking pests in the initial stages of their growth. Herbal Extract also prevents attacks from other insects and pests as well as protects the plant from nematodes and termites.
Due to Anti root rot substances, soil gets sterilized by killing harmful fungi such as Fugerium and Pithium.

Due to all above constituents blended in one granular formulation. G-5 is found to be more effective than any other granular formulation available in market.
Dosage: 8 to 16 Kg per Acre as per type of crop.