G5 Foliar

G5 Foliar

An Unique Bio-Organic Liquid Extract

Contents: Seaweed extract, amino Acids, herbal extract, and Humic acid and anti root rot substances.

An unique foliar formulation for plant growth as well as for effective preventive measures against pests & fungi.

G 5 Foliar is innovative concept in spray fertigation.
G-5 Foliar is a unique formulation. It is a result of extensive R & D work and numerous field trials on various crops.
G-5 Foliar is India’s first foliar supplement with 5 different constituents useful for plant growth and protection. This unique formulation is already used in our Patented product G - 5 Granules.

Since Five different constituents are available in liquid form they are easily absorbed by the plants.
Helps all round growth & enhancement of crop quality. Accelerates vegetative and reproductive growth of crop giving higher yields. Accelerates germination, seedling vigour & root growth. Strengthen tolerance to diseases by avoiding attack of insect & pests.
Helps sterile soil & root zone by preventing attack of harmful fungi which further cause root rot. 

G-5 Foliar is useful on all types of Horticulture, Vegetable & Field Crops.

Time of Application:
1st spray – At flowering stage
2nd spray – At fruit setting stage (15-20 days after first spray)
3rd spray – 15-20 days after second spray.

Dosage: 2 - 3 ml G 5 Foliar per litre water.