Concentrated Plant Extract

Contents :- Essential oils, Herbal Extract, Emulsifier and Preservative.

Erase is liquid formulation based on essential Oils & Herbal extract. It helps in photosynthesis and cell formation. Erase also stimulates important Bio chemical reaction and there by helps to protect plant from various diseases. Essential Oil also repel the attack of insect and pests.
Erase is useful on all types of crops.

Time of Application :- 
Preventive :- Spray Erase on early growth stage of plant. Also spray from flowering stage to till harvest.
Curative :-
1st spray :- At the time of insect appearance.
2nd spray :- After 1st spray with 8 - 10 days interval. Subsequently 10 - 15 days interval.
High stage of Insect attack appearance :- Spray 3 times with 3 - 4 days interval. Subsequently 2 time spray with 8 - 10 days interval.

Dosage - 5 ml for 15 Liter Water

*Ensure complete coverage of the plant while spraying.