Plant Tonic

Contents :- Sea weed Extract, Minerals, Casein Protein, Aqua.

Amirich is amino acids based product. Amino acids provides nitrogen to plants and also stimulates protein formulation. This brings about profuse growth of plant in all stages. It helps in cell division and cell formulation. Amirich promotes photosynthesis and brings about complete growth of plants with vigour.

Amirich increases pollination & fruit formation. It also prevents its dropping. It also helps improve micro flora, which in turn, facilitates the nutrient assimilation.

Time of Application :-  1st spray :- 15 - 20 days after transplantation / germination.
2nd spray :- At flowering or fruit setting stage (20 days after 1st spray)

Dosage : 2 ml Amirich per litre water.