Herbal NANO Technology - Bacterial Infestation Treatment

Contents :  Nano metallic ions and Herbal Extracts

Aegis is researched, Herbal Nano technology based for Bacterial Infestation Treatment.
AEGIS is researched, herbal nano technology based special formulation for treatment of various species of Xanthomonas, including Xanthomonas Axonopodis which causes oily spot on pomegranate and other crops.
AEGIS contains nano particles of metallic icons embedded with herbal extract. They interact with proteins and cause structural deformation of cell membrane. Positive metallic ions then enter through membrane causing inhibition of cell replication and eventual cell death.

Time of Application:- 
Preventive :-
1st spray :- Before 15 days of leaf shedding.
2nd spray :- At flowering stage.
3rd spray :- At fruit setting stage OR once in 15 days from resting period till harvest.
Curative :- Whenever infestation is observed spray AEGIS once in 8 days and continue treatment as per preventive schedule after initial infestation is controlled.

Dosage - Mix 10 ml AEGIS in 100 liter Water and spray.