Paddy and Vegetable special

AEGIS is researched, herbal nano technology based special formulation for treatment of various species of Xanthomonas, Pseudomonas and other bacterial infections.

AEGIS contains nano herbal particles of metallic ions embedded with herbal extract. They interact with proteins and cause structural deformation of cell membrane. Positive metallic ions then enter through membrane causing inhibition of cell replication and eventual cell death.

Thus Aegis is effective on various bacterial diseases such as Bacterial leaf blight (BLB), Bacterial blight, Leaf streak, Xanthomonas canker and Black spots.

Dosage: Mix 25 ml AEGIS in 100 Liter water and spray.

Time of Application:
Spray AEGIS as soon as infestation is observed on plants and repeat once or twice after 15 days interval.
* Ensure complete coverage of the plant while spraying.